Fight against Ebola epidemic

The fagaricine or F-532 is a powerful immunorestorative, that is, a product that reconstitutes the immune deficiency destroyed or weakened. It is a phytomedicine manufactured from a mixture of plants in accordance with the concept of polyphytotherapy alternative and combination that has been developed since 2004. Its main mechanism of action is as below.

We have tested this treatment on persons infected by HIV and on AIDS patients. Clinical results have shown that the F-532 not only reconstitutes the CD4 destroyed by the HIV, but also the other immune cells. The clinical benefits for the sick persons (patients) are as follows:1- Restoration of the immunity of the patients and disappearance or remitting of opportunist diseases of persons infected by HIV/AIDS 2- The patients escape from taking ARVs thereby avoiding their side effects3- We have observed in young patients, a total disappearance of the virus in the bloodOn the other hand, it was reported by CNN and other media that in Liberia certain medical doctors use the AVRs meant for HIV/AIDS to treat persons contaminated by the Ebola virus and that they got the death rate highly reduced.


For risky or exposed people: give them the Fagaricine so as to reinforce their immune defenses. For infected persons: give them not only Fagaricine, but also ARVs like Lavumidine (Epivir).
Paris the 11th October 2014Prof. Bruno ETO, PhD. PharmacologistLaboratories TBC FRANCE


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